Oh I wish it could be Christmas everyday!

Wow, is it really 11 days since I wrote my last blog post?…..Well they do say time flies when you are having fun!

It’s certainly been a busy couple of weeks in the Davie house! There have been 3 birthdays for a start and we still have one to come!

Mine was first followed by the little man’s and then  my step daughter’s.  The Rock’s is in a couple of days!  It gets so busy here that we have to have a rota system on displaying the birthday cards!

Never mind slotting in Christmas plays, church services and finalising all the prep that goes into Christmas … plus Christmas itself!

At times it’s been exhausting and yes I mean by 7pm I’ve literally been falling asleep sat up in the chair, but it’s been worth every minute!

Nothing was gonna stop our family having amazing birthdays and Christmas this year and I mean NOTHING.

I was talking on fb with an other Breast cancer survivor a couple of week’s go…… a “younger” lady like me…. yep I can still say that, despite a birthday I am just about clinging onto those 30s!!!

…..We were saying how we were both so glad that we had finished treatment and gone full on into Christmas mode.

On a serious note, it has meant that I have been able to focus on Christmas and try to put any worries behind me for now. I am also fully aware that the worries are still gonna be there but this strong cookie will deal with them later, sorry worries but you can “f$&k right off” for the next couple of weeks because this house is buzzing with Christmas spirit right now.

Even the constant hot flushes and night sweats have not got me down. My hubby may think his wife has been swapped with “Sweaty Betty” but at the minute I am not letting them get on top of me and dampen my mood!

I am still playing Christmas tunes 24×7, the new neighbours must love me -NOT!


Everyday has been so special, I was well and truly spoilt on my birthday despite eating my own body weight in cake at Betty’s tearooms.

I even managed to attend my son’s Christingle church service on the last day of term. I can’t begin to tell you how much it meant as I have had to miss out on so many things due to he chemo. I couldn’t help but cuddle and kiss the little man as he sat holding his orange with his lit candle, singing his heart out to carols.

He even knew all the words the the Lord’s Prayer – I was so bloody proud!!!

Although I wasn’t proud of his 45 minute meltdown, yep you heard me 45 bloody minutes and in front of his best friend and Mum who came back to ours!!!

Thankfully she knows me well and from talking to other parents it appears it is that time of year when kids are exhausted from their first term at school and all the events and build up to Christmas.

As my friend said to me the other day, they are only 5 years old! At times I forget that and I do tend to be self critical on my parenting and worry I am not in control.

But then I have to remember, I have just finished chemo too and although to the world with my wig on and a bit of slap on I look “normal”, my body has taking a fricking battering over the last 6 months and in particularly the last 12 weeks from this bloody poison going around my body.

But that bit is over, no more poison and hopefully the side effects I am still dealing with will start to fade.

I’ve actually now started taking my vitamins and food supplements as I was advised not to take anything during chemo so they can monitor the true effect of the chemo so I am hoping they “kick” in soon and that my energy levels start to come back.

It can’t be much fun for hubby having a wife who’s in bed for 8pm and there’s only so many times I can get away with playing the old chemo Card 😉

However despite the chemo, I have actually been able to do all the things I normally do over Christmas. I will probably collapse in a heap today but I don’t care, I really don’t.

I managed to make my little man a birthday cake.  It almost killed me trying to get the bastard icing on the cake, my arm strength is not the greatest with this stupid mild lymphedema and dealing with my sons meltdown didn’t do it any good…… but the cake was a success and it met the little man’s strict criteria!

I felt like I had won the bake off when he gave me his approval although he did correct my grammar. “Mummy, it should say “is 5 today” not just “5 today” ffs!!!!

I decided to refrain from screaming back at him with “do you know how long this bloody cake took me to make?” and instead I to took in the proud moment that at 5 year old he was correcting my grammar!!!

Little monkey is definitely his father’s son with his perfection!!

On Christmas Eve I even managed to go ice skating for my step daughter’s birthday, yep we have Davie birthdays 23, 24 and then it’s xmas day! – if I had a £1 for the amount of times I have been told “bad planning”, I’d be well on my way to a millionaire…. well ok slight exaggeration but you get the gist!!!

I told you it’s full on in this house!

We all loved the ice-skating, well hubby watched from the side lines as it’s not his thing whilst the 3 of us had so much fun!

But the highlight of the week was Christmas Eve and then Christmas Day.

The little man was so excited about Santa coming …….

“Mummy can you get everyone to come to bed now so Santa can come” he shouted down at 8pm!

Actually I managed to stay up that night until 11:30! Think it was a combination of pure excitement and perhaps the potent Christmas Martini that hubby made for me!!

Christmas Day was then the icing on top of the cake.

It’s the day I have been focusing on for weeks, ever since I found out I would be done for Christmas. I love Christmas so much but I can’t tell you how special it felt watching the kids open their stockings with such excitement to sitting around our table with my family.

I even did a little impromptu speech, oil lady will be proud as I had a sniff of my spearmint oil before hand which is supposed to be good for public speaking and confidence…. I did come back in the room smelling of Wrigleys chewing gum factory which actually wasn’t to everyone’s tastes.

It must have worked as my Nanny Noble then said a few emotional words….. for her to stand up was a huge massive thing as it’s been a bloody hard year for this lady. Super proud daughter moment!!!

It was a perfect end to a perfect day and to top it off my hair is starting to grow back!

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s been a bloody good one at the Davie’s!!!


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