Goodbye Chemo Curls!

So I made the decision last week that enough was enough and the chemo curls had to go.

If I’m honest they were getting me down, really down, which to others may sound pathetic but when you look in the mirror every morning and there is a bloody 80 year old staring back at you, it’s not the best for your self esteem!

It hasn’t helped matters that next week I am having a WeightWatchers photo shoot to be in their breast cancer awareness issue.  I should be on cloud nine at the fact they want to publish my story but all I could think about was this hair!

What sort of role model am I going to be looking like a granny! They’d probably take one look at me and ask if I was accompanying my granddaughter to her shoot!

I’d got so emotional about it all that I was holding back the tears when I got to the hairdressers.

“It’s making me depressed” I said to my lovely hairdresser. Not a phrase I use lightly so you can get how low I was starting to feel!!!!

She tried to convince me to keep them but I was having none of it. They had to go, every single one of them, if I left the salon with even one curl in my hair, it was one too many.

The granny was going!


I had never been so excited about the ghd’s coming out since I bought my first pair 10 years ago! I was like a kid in a fricking sweet shop!

By the end of it, I’d got more product in my hair than the cast of “Hairspray” but I didn’t not give a monkeys!!

Gemsy was back! I could literally feel the confidence coming back in my face as I looked in the mirror!

Even my Rock said it looked good and that was without prompting so it must look bloody good!!!!

And when your mum says “yes Gem, it did look like a granny perm and looks so much better now”…….you know you have made the right decision!

Next stop, getting rid of these unwanted grey “sparkles”, they can pi$$ off as well!!

Don’t call me “Mate”!!