Happy 1st Birthday Lenny

Can you believe last friday was a year ago exactly that I was given the “official” letter that I had an unwanted boob squatter, Lenny the boob cancer lump.

Bollock$ ..shi$, crap, I was not expecting that at 38!

Well Lenny, I guess it would have been your 1st birthday today, sorry Lenny but you are not here to blow out your candle!

It’s strange, I guess I didn’t know how I would feel. They say cancer-versaries are tough, but I’ve actually been emotionally in a good place.

I am not naive enough to think it won’t catch up with me, Cancer dvds have got a funny bloody way of creeping up on you when you least expect it!

One thing that I have really noticed the last few weeks, I don’t go to bed anymore thinking of the big C or waking up with the cancer dvd playing – that’s got to be a good thing right?

It’s not been easy either the last couple of weeks, I’ve had a couple of curb balls chucked at me.

First I had a suspected stress fracture on my leg – thankfully turned out to be soft tissue issue but for a few hours I thought my Great North Run dreams were over!   I did have tears in my eyes which turned to bloody tears of joy when the x-ray came back clear!!!

Secondly, my company has just been acquired.  Maybe pre cancer I might have worried that bit more but when you have had this horrible basta$d disease try and threaten your life and your happiness – the other stuff just doesn’t seem to matter the same.

What will be, will be….. health is more important than any job!

On a more happier note though, it’s been an amazing couple of weeks with my little one.  Lenny has not got in the way of him having a great year at school.  100% attendance ( got to thank the oils for that),  exceeding in Reading and Maths and great at solving problems – what  more can you ask for!

He came home with “big boy” books last week, he was so proud! No more Biff and bloody Kipper!!! – woohoo!!!!!

But guess what, his book was about Lenny!!! ffs!!! but he did say to me “Mummy, it’s ok, It’s not about Lenny the lump” – phew!!

I have certainly made up for not being able to attend all the winter school events due to chemo, I was the proudest Mummy in the world watching him in his school play  as a beetle and see him finish 2nd in his sport’s day races!

I did avoid the Mum’s race though, there is no bloody way I am risking getting another injury, nothing is stopping me finish the Great North Run!!!

Instead I am gonna raise  glass or too and toast to good health and happiness and making every day count!







One thought on “Happy 1st Birthday Lenny

  1. Well, that is a huge milestone passed and I’m so pleased for you. Also pleased you have managed to ditch the menace of Biff, Chip and Kipper. I mean, who names their children like that??? Even the dog has a better name.


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