1CA33473-9FE8-4FFD-8348-E9844D98B476.jpegSince this “bad boob” journey began almost 2 years, I’ve met so many other ladies with their own “Shitty Titty” stories.

Sadly a few days ago, the world lost one of it’s “bad boob warriors”.

Felicity aka Flickitty was one bloody amazing lady.  I thought I had a shoe obsession until I stumbled across a cancer research article showing an absolutely gorgeous lady who had stuck 2 fingers up to the Big C and had worn a different pair of funky shoes (yep and I do mean funky / wacky) to her Radiotherapy – yep over 20 different pairs of shoes.

I just had to make contact with this lady, she was my kind of girl and turned out she was a yorkshire lass and her family was as obsessed about Minis as we were!!

….and there our virtual friendship began

We exchanged photos of our pre chemo hair, chatted about our boys (she had 2 little ones) and our passion for raising boob cancer awareness.

A few months later we got to finally meet and I got to “pamper” her family and friends at a breast cancer fundraiser.  She was as beautiful in real life as she was in her shoe photos – inside and out!

Unfortunately in March, the Big C had returned.  A few weeks later this Bad Boob Warrior had become a Bad Boob Angel.

Felicity touched so many peoples lives and although I had only known her a short while, she really touched mine.

My heartfelt thoughts go out to her beautiful family and in her honour I’ll continue the fundraising in the funkiest pair of bloody heels I can find!!!



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