The Return of the Boob Toastie

So 2 weeks ago, it was time to face the music and have my first mammogram since Lenny was evicted.  I must admit, it was not an experience I was looking forward to……

The bad boob is still so bloody sore even without being sandwich pressed into the “boob toastie” machine and of course you can’t help but think “what if it’s come back”???

The actual mammogram itself was fine, at least this time they didn’t pump dye and turned my arm into Popeye the Sailor man unlike my first mammogram!

It was a few days later when the after effects of the “squash” started to kick in – I tell you it was more bloody painful than the boob surgery!!

It’s not been easy 9 days of “waiting”…. I’ve been quite a stroppy cow at times and my usual “motivated” self had completely lost her mojo.  It didn’t help that 2 weeks ago I had to call hubby to come and pick me up half way through my 11 mile training run.  I am sure someone is really trying to “test” me at the moment…… First the suspected stress fracture now my bloody knee is hurting.

I haven’t got time for injuries, I’ve got great north run in less than 3 weeks!! Sod off injuries.

I’ve felt like my life has been on “hold” until the results.  I wasn’t expecting bad news but I just needed see it in writing!

So last Wednesday was results day.  Hubby and I had agreed – if it was good news, we were going out for dinner, if it was bad news I was getting pi$$ed!!

I’d just literally sat down in my consultant’s office when I heard “your mammogram is clear”!!!! Wooohhoooo I felt like a free woman!, I refrained from giving him a big hug and kiss and instead had a boob inspection, I don’t think I have ever been “inspected” so much but best to be extra safe than sorry.

The consultant was so pleased with the  new boobs that he asked if he could take pics for a training seminar on the reconstruction technique that I had, not quite a page 3 model but I’ve asked for half the royalties!

My day got better …… I went to get my knee checked and I have weird band syndrome, I know I know but chemo brain kicks in at all the wrong times!!!  Apparently common for runners but it isn’t a show stopper! It does mean no running at the moment but she did say I could try a very SLOW jog…… OMG what a day!!!!

Gemsy is back, complete with Mojo !!




Happy 1st Birthday Lenny

Can you believe last friday was a year ago exactly that I was given the “official” letter that I had an unwanted boob squatter, Lenny the boob cancer lump.

Bollock$ ..shi$, crap, I was not expecting that at 38!

Well Lenny, I guess it would have been your 1st birthday today, sorry Lenny but you are not here to blow out your candle!

It’s strange, I guess I didn’t know how I would feel. They say cancer-versaries are tough, but I’ve actually been emotionally in a good place.

I am not naive enough to think it won’t catch up with me, Cancer dvds have got a funny bloody way of creeping up on you when you least expect it!

One thing that I have really noticed the last few weeks, I don’t go to bed anymore thinking of the big C or waking up with the cancer dvd playing – that’s got to be a good thing right?

It’s not been easy either the last couple of weeks, I’ve had a couple of curb balls chucked at me.

First I had a suspected stress fracture on my leg – thankfully turned out to be soft tissue issue but for a few hours I thought my Great North Run dreams were over!   I did have tears in my eyes which turned to bloody tears of joy when the x-ray came back clear!!!

Secondly, my company has just been acquired.  Maybe pre cancer I might have worried that bit more but when you have had this horrible basta$d disease try and threaten your life and your happiness – the other stuff just doesn’t seem to matter the same.

What will be, will be….. health is more important than any job!

On a more happier note though, it’s been an amazing couple of weeks with my little one.  Lenny has not got in the way of him having a great year at school.  100% attendance ( got to thank the oils for that),  exceeding in Reading and Maths and great at solving problems – what  more can you ask for!

He came home with “big boy” books last week, he was so proud! No more Biff and bloody Kipper!!! – woohoo!!!!!

But guess what, his book was about Lenny!!! ffs!!! but he did say to me “Mummy, it’s ok, It’s not about Lenny the lump” – phew!!

I have certainly made up for not being able to attend all the winter school events due to chemo, I was the proudest Mummy in the world watching him in his school play  as a beetle and see him finish 2nd in his sport’s day races!

I did avoid the Mum’s race though, there is no bloody way I am risking getting another injury, nothing is stopping me finish the Great North Run!!!

Instead I am gonna raise  glass or too and toast to good health and happiness and making every day count!







Goodbye Chemo Curls!

So I made the decision last week that enough was enough and the chemo curls had to go.

If I’m honest they were getting me down, really down, which to others may sound pathetic but when you look in the mirror every morning and there is a bloody 80 year old staring back at you, it’s not the best for your self esteem!

It hasn’t helped matters that next week I am having a WeightWatchers photo shoot to be in their breast cancer awareness issue.  I should be on cloud nine at the fact they want to publish my story but all I could think about was this hair!

What sort of role model am I going to be looking like a granny! They’d probably take one look at me and ask if I was accompanying my granddaughter to her shoot!

I’d got so emotional about it all that I was holding back the tears when I got to the hairdressers.

“It’s making me depressed” I said to my lovely hairdresser. Not a phrase I use lightly so you can get how low I was starting to feel!!!!

She tried to convince me to keep them but I was having none of it. They had to go, every single one of them, if I left the salon with even one curl in my hair, it was one too many.

The granny was going!


I had never been so excited about the ghd’s coming out since I bought my first pair 10 years ago! I was like a kid in a fricking sweet shop!

By the end of it, I’d got more product in my hair than the cast of “Hairspray” but I didn’t not give a monkeys!!

Gemsy was back! I could literally feel the confidence coming back in my face as I looked in the mirror!

Even my Rock said it looked good and that was without prompting so it must look bloody good!!!!

And when your mum says “yes Gem, it did look like a granny perm and looks so much better now”…….you know you have made the right decision!

Next stop, getting rid of these unwanted grey “sparkles”, they can pi$$ off as well!!

Don’t call me “Mate”!!

left hook

Just when you think you have turned a corner with energy, Mr Fatigue punches you back in the face, this time with a full on left hook!


Pi$$ off back to where you came from!!!

I’ve been waiting for him to make an appearance since my trip down to the office last week!… I knew he would make an appearance…..

Fatigue is one of those strange things to explain, it’s so much more than tiredness, it almost feels like you’ve had another round of chemo but without the steroids!!

The problem is once you finish treatment and your hair starts to grow back, people including yourself forget what our bodies have been through and what they are still going through!

To the world we look “normal” but unfortunately we are far from the people we used to be, physically and mentally, even 4 months down the line.

I remember hr telling me it would be months before “normal” service was resumed and they were right!

For days I can feel “fine” then smack wallop, the reminder that my body is still recovering from this bloody poison.  When the fatigue happens, it really takes over your body and all you want to do is find a hole and hibernate!

It is frustrating at time, particularly when you have led a busy life and are trying to juggle work with being a mum, wife, sister daughter and friend.

Anyways,  on a lighter note I will give you a hair growth update!

They don’t call it chemo “curl” for no good reason! I thought I’d got away with it but then discovered a couple of weeks ago that my hair is growing outwards than bloody downwards!

I know I should be grateful my hair is growing back, in fact it’s growing fast and really thick!

It’s definitely greyer than it was but as my hubby said to me  “you could always use a sharpie pen to colour in the grey fleck” ffs I sound like a carpet! …..Gemsy mix. Thick pile, Brown with a grey flecks !!!

He’s only jealous as I have curlier hair than him at the minute!!!

I wonder how long your hair has to be before the ghd’s come out? I even had to buy myself some “serum oil” to tame the curls!

I also had to buy some conditioner! I was so excited, it really is the little things that mean so much to us survivors!

I do wish these hot flushes and night sweats would f$uk off though, It hasn’t helped that I had to miss hedgehogging aka acupuncture last week.

I’ve been having it religiously for a couple of months now but last week I was travelling with work so had to give it a miss………Boy have a suffered for not having it!

So last weekend we went away for a child free evening to a hotel and spa.

Some old lady “tried” to make me feel guilty about leaving our 5 year old with his Nanny and Papa so I thought I would subtly play the old C card when she asked me what treatment I was having.

You should have seen the look on her face when I told her I was having a cancer friendly massage. She actually did apologise and said to take back what she had just said!

To be honest it didn’t bother me, why should I feel guilty about leaving my 5 year old? Date nights are an essential part of any relationship and although I do love the little man more than anything in the world, I know how much Nanny and Papa love having him.

Why are people so judgemental??

Her issue….. not mine and as my fellow boob cancer mate told me, “you need to play that C card once in a while, better than a group on voucher!!”

So in the night I kept waking up with a night sweat, bloody air-con was being about as much use as a chocolate teapot and the windows were on those ba$tard safety catch settings!! Ffs what was I supposed to do?

Then I had cunning plan, surely the mini bar fridge was going to be my saviour and all I would need to do was open the door for a fresh cool breeze…… or maybe not!

The bloody “do not disturb” sign on our door produced more cold air than the mini bar!

I had to resort to taking a cold drink out of the mini bar and rolling it all over my wrists, chest, head…. the things you do to get rid of a hot flush!

Message for Mum,

I am sorry for all those times I took the pi$$ out of you for your hot flushes! I truly am!!




The M word

Why is it that every time I pick up a magazine, watch an advert, turn on a tv chat show, it’s always about the bloody M word, M as in Menopause?!

M Word

It’s a bit like when you buy a new car and you start noticing cars like yours everywhere!  Maybe they’ve always been there? but I guess at 39 I wasn’t always looking out for Menopausal articles, I thought I’d have another 15 years before I had to deal with all that crap!

I used to feel the cold so much, I know I know I am a bloody Northener, I should be used to the cold but I always felt like my thermostat was 10c below everyone else’s.  Now it’s more like 4 bloody seasons in a day, I’m worse than the british weather for my ups and downs in temperature!  One minute I’ll be in my jumper, coat, hat – the next I’m stripping off to my knickers!!! – thank goodness I work from home!!

Don’t get me wrong I am very thankful to have hormone therapy in order to help reduce the risk of Lenny or any of his mates returning but some days I just wish the hot flushes / night sweats would pi$$ right off!

Take this weekend, girlie spa day, all relaxed having my back massaged when guess who turns up, uninvited!!!!!!! Yep, Harry the fricking hot flush!!

Thankfully I had already explained to the therapist that Harry could make an appearance, she ended up spending half the massage taking off the blanket, back on, back off, back on!!!!

Oh well it didn’t spoil the weekend!

I’ve also had to change my wardrobe too, I know any excuse to shop but on a serious note, I have to really think about what I wear especially on an evening out when the hot flushes seem to go on overdrive.  Sleeveless is usually the option, just need to get rid of these bingo wings!!

Apparently there are 34 side effects of Menopause, Hot flushes and night sweats being top of the list.

Apart from the hot flushes, my side effects so far on the tamoxifen have been minimal.  I guess I was expecting my “mood” to be worse, I do find my mood can change but my magic oils seem to be really helping there, don’t know how I would cope without them!!

Oh and guess whose had their eyebrows waxed last week? yep that will be me! Another tick on the hair growth box!

The hair is also continuing to grow, had to order myself some more magic Rosemary oil and I am so excited that I’ve had to order some conditioner! I’ve not had to use conditioner for months!!!

It won’t be long and I will be having to get the cobwebs off the hairdryer! Although not quite sure how hot flushes and hairdryer will mix, I’ll probably need another bloody shower after drying it!

But It’s these little things that mean so much to us Cancer Survivors!






Short, back and sides

Well Friday was a big milestone… drum roll please….. I had my first haircut!!!

Yep short back and sides for Gemsy!

Well ok, not quite the first haircut of my life but my first one since that bloody poison robbed me of it!

The thought of losing my hair was the first thing that came into my head when I was told that Chemo was “recommended” as part of my treatment plan.

I remember that day well, I still remember the car journey home and asking hubby “will you still love me with no hair?”

“Braving the shave” definitely helped me to cope with the trauma of losing it by “taking control of the situation” and for anyone reading my blog who is about to start chemo I would definitely seriously consider shaving it off before the large clumps of hair come or in your hand.

On the plus side my wigs have been amazing and I’ve had a lot of fun with them but I am not going to lie, I’ve had my moments of grieving for my long locks back.

One thing I never really thought about though was the “growing back” bit.  Every week I’ve been taking a “Saturday selfie” of my hair growth since I finished chemo.   As each week has passed something “new” has happened to my hair, from a few sprouts to to looking like a little chick with my fuzzy stuck up hair.

It really is an amazing transformation when I look back at the selfies. There is a bit more grey than before but I’ll choose grey hair over being a baldy any day -sorry Dad 😉

The magic “Rosemary” oil I have been using has definitely helped!

Well only 3 more months and I can slap on some hair dye, apparently you shouldn’t dye your hair for 6 months.

I might have to celebrate with a gin, I definitely think first haircut is classed as a “special” occasion on my “only drinking” on special occasions!!hairgrowth